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researching ipchains. General questions: differences between ipchains and iptables: syntactically different?

Hi all.. I am researching ipchains (kernal
2.2.18pre21) in the archives. I do have the
HOWTO's for ipchains bookmarked from linux.org,
but I am also gathering as much info from the
user list as I can. Sometimes I read a post and I
can't tell if it is for ipchains or for iptables
and it is a bit confusing. I am seeing setup
files and scripts that all look different.. I
can't make it all out just yet, but I wanted to
know if there was a huge difference between the
way iptables and ipchains do things
syntactically? Do they use setup files or scripts
and how are they different? I am trying to filter
out which information I can save and use and
which informnation I can disregard.



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