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Re: IPtables kernel support.

a4a18091@telus.net écrivait :
> My previously running router machine began to fail after 2 years..
> (several power outages). I went to re-install debian and found that
> kernel support for iptables is no longer included in base distro's [...]

2 years ago, it was the Potato version of Debian and iptables was
*not* included in its since kernel 2.4 was not available...

> Any readme's or suggestions?

Iptables is available from Woody distro. You just have to install
a 2.4 kernel like kernel-image-2.4.18-386 (or boot using bf24).

> I've gotten all of the kernel modules compiled into a new kernel that
> seem to deal with networking and I've got IPtables working but I've lost
> eth1 now and can't get it working... I inserted the correct drivers with
> modconf and I'm still getting: unable to locate module eth1

You may check /etc/modules for module loaded at boot and /etc/modutils/*
for an alias for eth1. It may be a wrong module loaded for eth1.

Each time I upgrade from kernel 2.2 to kernel 2.4, I have to double check
the ethernet driver name since some have changed! For example rtl8139 is
now renamed as 8139too which made me loose network the first time I did...

Regards, J.C.
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