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Setup of Redundant DSL Connection

Hi List,

I work for a small company and we are about to provision a wireless
internet connection from a local ISP.  We also have a backup DSL
connection sourced from a large Telco.  What I'd like to know is if
there's any information out there on setting up our DSL connection so
that the router will automatically bring it up and make it the default
gateway if our wireless link goes down.

The router box is running Woody, custom 2.4.18 kernel, using
Netfilter/iptables for a firewall.  It's also running squid, apt-proxy
and ipac-ng for network accounting.  At the moment it's got two NICs in
it, one for our internet connection and one for the LAN.  I'm assuming I
put another NIC in it, connect the wireless and the DSL, and configure
the cards accordingly.  Then I need to find a way to monitor the
wireless connection so that the redundant connection is used when
neccessary.  Has somebody already written some software that does this?
Or am I likely to have to do it myself?  I'm thinking it's not going to
be too tough to write a shell script to do it but I'd rather go with a
proven solution than do my own coding and testing if possible.

TIA for any help on this.



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