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KDE fwbuilder loopback problem solved

Hi Debianists,

I posted yesterday that I had a problem with KDE and iptables on my Woody box. 
I tried enabling everything on loopback, but that didn't solve it.

This happened:

fwbuilder generated an Interface Rule for lo; this didn't work - tail 
~messages showed that the TCP traffic from kdeinit was accepted, but 
something happened to stall kdeinit....

Anyway the solution proved to edit the /var/lib/iptables/active file, remove 
all instances of IPRULE_0_lo and add

-A INPUT -s -i lo -j ACCEPT
-A OUTPUT -d -o lo -j ACCEPT

Now everything works fine.

I'd like to thank all those who helped me hunt this down.
Matthias Ellinger
ellinger.m@web.de, PGP key at:
Key fingerprint: 72CA 6861 3BE4 75E4 B556 283D 087A BEA7 19A5 b484

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