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Re: Debian firewall howto

Hi Matthias,

> my box, which is also acting as router for a small VPN. I used fwbuilder with 
> iptables on RH. It seems that Debian uses another way to install a firewall, 
> so could you give me some pointers to where I can read up?

As long as you're running a kernel with iptables support, there's no
reason you can't use fwbuilder/iptables on your Debian box too. You
could probably even copy your fwbuilder XML config file across to the
new machine, make any necessary (probably minor) changes and compile the
rules again if all you're doing is a migration from RH to Debian.

The only thing is you may need to grab fwbuilder from Testing or
Unstable, I don't think it's in Stable. What I do is run fwbuilder on my
personal machine (running Unstable) and export the rules to the relevant
firewall machine by scp (which are much more cut down machines for
security reasons, obviously).

I use fwbuilder to maintain 3 Debian-based firewalls, works a charm.


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