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Re: iptables syntax problems

Ross ecrivait :
> #this rule has a syntax problem
> #Bad argument `1024:65535'
> #iptables -A OUTPUT -o $INTERNET -p tcp \
> #         -s $IPADRR --sport $UNPRIVPORTS \
> #         -d $NAMESERVER --dport 53 -j ACCEPT

The IPADRR doesn't exist (you mean IPADDR I guess) so -s is taking "--sport"
as argument un the UNPRIVPORTS come as an unknown option to iptables.

In general, always quote your variables using double-quote (")! It will give
you more correct error message since an unknown variable comes as an empty
one but this is replaced by the shell before using it to execute the command
so the command is not able to see the empty argument.

Regards, J.C.
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