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Re: iptables syntax problems

As was pointed out, $IPADDR, not $IPADRR, and -d not -D for the 

I think you need a space before the '\', also it's --dport, not 
-dport, and --sport vs. -sport.

> #both rules have a syntax error of Bad arguement '22'
> #iptables -A OUTPUT -o $INTERNET -p tcp \
> #         -s $IPADDR --sport $SSH_PORTS\
> #         -dport 22 -j ACCEPT
> #iptables -A INPUT -i $INTERNET -p tcp ! --syn \
> #         -sport 22 \
> #         -d $IPADDR --dport $SSH_PORTS -j ACCEPT

> -Ross

Lance Levsen,
Systems Administrator,
PWGroup - Saskatoon

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