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Re: iptables syntax problems

Ross writes:

 > #Bad argument `53'
 > #Bad argument `1024:65535'
 > #these two rules have syntax problems Bad argument `1024:65535'
 > #both rules have a syntax error of Bad arguement '22'

 > #syntax error cant use -D with -A
For this one i can healp you ... You have wrote -D instead of -d ;-)

 > #syntax error Bad arguement '67'

Except 'dD' error, all seems to be good, i noticed that you have
problems only with source ports, you may try not to use --sport
alias but --source-port, but i don't think it will change anything.
You can also try to swap '-d --dport' and '-s --sport' order to
see if you get the same error with --dport, Bad arguement '...'
You may use a buggy version of iptables ?

Davy Gigan
System & Network Administration      [Please no HTML, I'm not a browser]
University Of Caen (France)   [Pas d'HTML, je ne suis pas un navigateur]

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