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Re: how to 'dcc'(in IRC) with iptables

On Thursday 16 May 2002 14:24, Frederik Schueler wrote:
> Hi,
> On Thu, May 16, 2002 at 10:34:15AM +0200, Michael Renner wrote:
> > The module 'ip_nat_irc' is loaded, I gave the parameters
> > options ip_conntrack_irc ports=5555,6666,6667,6668,6669,7000
> > in /etc/modules.conf
> > However: the transfer won't start, neither in one, not into
> > the other direction.
> Try not giving any parameters at all, simply load the module and connect
> to irc. the module should show an usage of 1 in the lsmod output (your
> connection), and it should work.

OK, I did so, but lsmod shows
hyaden:~# lsmod | grep irc
ip_nat_irc              3104   0  (unused)
ip_conntrack_irc        3008   0  [ip_nat_irc]
iptable_nat            20916   2  [ipt_MASQUERADE ip_nat_ftp ip_nat_irc]
ip_conntrack           20972   4  [ipt_MASQUERADE ipt_state ip_nat_ftp 
ip_nat_irc ip_conntrack_irc ip_conntrack_ftp iptable_nat]

> Maybe you have to setup xchat properly, settings->irc->ip-address->get
> my IP from server.

OK, That what I did before, but when I offer somebody a file
he got an error message:

No DCC File Request from 'Fantaa' for play.pls
(while Fantaa is my nick)

More hints?
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