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how to 'dcc'(in IRC) with iptables

I run debian woody on an old 486 notebook as my firewall
and masquerading box without problems (nearly).
But using a chat program (I prefer xchat on my linux and
IRIX clients) is unperfect, because I can not use
DCC to send or receive files.
The module 'ip_nat_irc' is loaded, I gave the parameters
options ip_conntrack_irc ports=5555,6666,6667,6668,6669,7000
in /etc/modules.conf
However: the transfer won't start, neither in one, not into
the other direction.
Any hints?
|Michael Renner      E-mail: michael.renner@gmx.de  |
|D-72072 Tuebingen   Germany        ICQ: #112280325 |
|Germany             Don't drink as root!      ESC:wq

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