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Re: iptables et protocole

On Mon, Apr 29, 2002 at 12:00:08PM +0200, Martin Peikert wrote:
> sim ton wrote:
> >i've read a few books on iptables and these says :
> >you can specify the protocol with --protocol and you have the 
> > choice between tcp, icmp, udp or all ... ok
> >but i have to specify --protocol ip or --protocol gre (because 
> > i'm parsing cisco rules in iptables firewall)
> > can I ?
> You can. Take a look at /etc/protocols for the numbers. gre has 47...

You can use the protocol name as well, if the protocol is mentioned
in /etc/protocols, as iptables uses getprotobyname to evaluate this

Ciao, Arne.
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