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Re: Hardware configuration


istene wrote:
    I need to setup security for a net of 130 clients. I will use Gibraltar
and have, a debian-based distro and i plan to configure 2 or 3 firewalls.
Does any1 have experience of using linux-based firewalls with so many
clients (i will use NAT and have 13 static ips) ? If yes, how's the hardware

	Any current hardware should be good for at least 50 Mbit/s


According to NetworkWorld 10/2001 the Pyramid Astaro firewall appliance (Celeron 750, 128 MB RAM) makes ~70Mbit/s filtered, VPN ~ 20Mbit/s
(encrypted with 3DES).

In comparison I work(ed) for companies with some thousand clients who use a mere 2Mbit/s uplink. Okay, granted, that uplink is saturated ad ultimo...



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