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Re: Hardware configuration

In article <[🔎] 007e01c1ea93$92a280e0$3600000a@iriss.it> ist3n3@tiscali.it writes:
>    I need to setup security for a net of 130 clients. I will use Gibraltar
>and have, a debian-based distro and i plan to configure 2 or 3 firewalls.
>Does any1 have experience of using linux-based firewalls with so many
>clients (i will use NAT and have 13 static ips) ? If yes, how's the hardware

I've got about 200 clients behind a firewall running on a PIII/1.1Ghz
256M ram system with 6 ethernet interfaces in use.  The incoming internet
connection is a T3 (45Mbps), and all the ethernets are running 100Mbps
full duplex.  The system shows no noticable load.

This is Woody/2.4.18 iptables.

While the complexity of your firewall rules matters, and I'm not doing
much NAT, I expect you could get by with a much slower system unless
youv'e got a lot more traffic.
Blars Blarson			blarson@blars.org
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