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Re: Masquerading does not hide internal IP addresses

Hi All!

On 2002 Apr 18, simon martin wrote:
> I connected to a site somewhere a while back (can't remember which) to
> buy something and during the billing process it came back with a message
> saying that it was logging my IP address (no problems with that) but it
> showed my external AND internal addresses. This intrigued me so I tried
> it from a different internal address and it definitely got it right.
> 1) How does this work?

Any javascript a Active-X script can get infomation of your computer.
Your IP adress is one of this.

> 2) How do I block it?

The simplest way to block javascript and Active-X in your client, but after
this the webpage cannot work.

The hardest way to search an application level gateway, that can block this
outgoing information.

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