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Re: Smurf

On Fri, Apr 19, 2002 at 09:03:15AM +0200, Attila SZALAY wrote:
> Hi All!
> On 2002 Apr 19, Waldemar Gorus wrote:
> > 
> > could someone please wrote about the smurf attack?
> Smurf attack is a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack.
> It's use, that some OS reply to ping sended to broadcast address.
> The attacker send _one_ ICMP ping to the accelerator network broadcast
> adress, and set source address to the attacked machine adress.
> If the accelerator network has enough computer answering the fake ping,
> it's flooding the attacked machine network.
> If you at the attacked end of the network, cannot do anithing, becouse
> ping replys hitting you, anithing you do.
> But the real solution is, if the accelerator networks disappear.
> For this, you must drop pings (or anything, becouse there are no fonction
> use this) going to broadcast address. (Especially incoming packet to your
> own network broadcast adress).

Good stuff ... your english is not too bad :)

Some links:

  (the linux stuff is old, ipfwadm, but provides a starting point)


Note to OP:  Google is your friend.  I found these links in about ~30
seconds of searching (though I admit I'd read them before when I had
to disable directed broadcasts on Bay routers ...)

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