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Unknown ports with port scan (nmap)

     I have just done a port scan of my machine, but there are a few
services that I don’t know what they are (the ones that say unknown) Do
you have these on your machine. Any ideas what they are? 


Port       State       Service

9/tcp      open        discard

13/tcp     open        daytime

21/tcp     open        ftp

22/tcp     open        ssh

25/tcp     open        smtp

37/tcp     open        time

53/tcp     open        domain

80/tcp     open        http

109/tcp    open        pop-2

110/tcp    open        pop-3

111/tcp    open        sunrpc

119/tcp    open        nntp

143/tcp    open        imap2

220/tcp    open        imap3

828/tcp    open        unknown

829/tcp    open        unknown

838/tcp    open        unknown

901/tcp    open        samba-swat

953/tcp    open        rndc

1025/tcp   open        listen

1026/tcp   open        nterm

1723/tcp   open        pptp

3128/tcp   open        squid-http

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