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Re: Unknown ports with port scan (nmap)

On Mon, Apr 01, 2002 at 11:12:07AM +0100, Charlie Grosvenor wrote:
> Hi
>      I have just done a port scan of my machine, but there are a few
> services that I don?t know what they are (the ones that say unknown) Do
> you have these on your machine. Any ideas what they are? 
> Charlie
> Port       State       Service
> 828/tcp    open        unknown
> 829/tcp    open        unknown
> 838/tcp    open        unknown

For each unknown port run 'fuser -av port#/tcp', it will tell you the
PID and name of the program that has the socket open. As always see the
man page for more info. Also you might look at the output from 
'netstat -tunap', the '-p' will tell you the PID and name of the program
to which each socket belongs.

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