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Re: DHCP for 2 networks

On Sat, Mar 16, 2002 at 01:28:21PM -0600, Thomas Cook wrote:
> Ok, I'm still having problems.  The server is running, but the other boxes
> on the network are not picking up.  Is there a port that dhcp runs over that
> my firewall could be blocking?  I thoughts they used the broadcast
> addresses, so I added routes to the interfaces I'm using but
> no help there.  I even tried turning off all the firewall rules and
> accepting everything but no help.
> Does a dhcp client program need to be installed on the other boxes to use
> dhcpd info?  They are all basic Debian potato installs.  I though not
> because they can get dhcp info from the hardware router I used to use
> without installing any extra programs.

Try this:

HTH, Simon

Simon Higgs

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