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Re: Is it possible to use VNC through masquerading firewall?

* Christian Schlettig (ceres@mail.isis.de) [010915 07:50]:
> Hello group,
> the following scenario:
>                 1.1        1.x
> i'm using debian 2.2r3 with kernel 2.2.19 for 
> the linux router. The internal lan has one 
> linux clients and 5 win95 clients. the router 
> acts as a email server and www proxy no other 
> services are used yet. I've installed VNC on 
> the clients and would like to remote 
> administrate them if the users ask for it and 
> turn VNC on.
> My question is whether it is possible to 
> initiate a VNC Connection from the inet to one 
> specific client in the internal LAN. Can i 
> configure VNC to use different ports on the 
> clients and then portforward them to the 
> internal client?

I might also recommend that you tunnel VNC through ssh, especially when
used over the Internet. Otherwise, any text you type is being sent
cleartext and could be sniffed. SSH will give you the added benefit of
data compression. Read the VNC README for a tip on which screen painting
algorithm to use with this; I recall that VNC uses a very generous
(slow) algorithm when connecting to localhost by default, because it
assumes you have unlimited bandwidth. When you set up a tunnel, though,
you'll need to connect to localhost and still use a network-friendly

Sorry if that was vague; I haven't used it in some time.

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