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Is it possible to use VNC through masquerading firewall?

Hello group,

the following scenario:

                1.1        1.x

i'm using debian 2.2r3 with kernel 2.2.19 for 
the linux router. The internal lan has one 
linux clients and 5 win95 clients. the router 
acts as a email server and www proxy no other 
services are used yet. I've installed VNC on 
the clients and would like to remote 
administrate them if the users ask for it and 
turn VNC on.

My question is whether it is possible to 
initiate a VNC Connection from the inet to one 
specific client in the internal LAN. Can i 
configure VNC to use different ports on the 
clients and then portforward them to the 
internal client?

thanks in advance for your answers.


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