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Re: Firewall for IIS using virtual servers?

There is no reason I can think of that this wouldn't work.

* Virtual hosts work via the "Host:" header in the http request

I know several people who protect their w2k machines in this manner,
although they don't use virtual hosts, and their setup works perfectly
fine. The fact that they don't have it set up for this is probably
irrelevent given the above note (about the "Host:" header).

Unless there is some wierd quirk in IIS, I'd say it should work just fine.

Anyone else?

-- Adam Lydick

On Sat, 15 Sep 2001, Christian Schlettig wrote:

> i'd like to set up a firewall using debian to 'protect' an IIS 5.0/W2K Server with virtual servers.
> the administrator of my ISP told me that this scenario would not allow virtual servers on the IIS! I doubt that but would
> Thanks in advance,
>  yours,
>  Christian

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