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Re: VPN and @Home

	You must have miss'd all the news/threads/etc a couple months ago
when @Home decided to change their TOS and make VPNs against it... With
that policy change I would not be surprised if they block'd the AH & ESP
protocols and the IKE (500/UDP) port as well as the GRE protocol used by
most Windows tunnels.

	This is definately an issue you will have to fight out with @Home
or find another more VPN-friendly provider most likely not cable modem...

	Jeremy T. Bouse, CCNA
	UnderGrid Network Services, LLC

Marsha Wilson was said to been seen saying:
> Okay, this my first post to the group. I have set up a VPN server and can
> connect over a dial-up or LAN connection. My Nat pool and DNS are working. I
> have NO problems. However, whenever I make a connection over @Home I can
> only make the tunnel connection. No data is passed. I can't even ping an
> internal IP address. According to my VPN manufacturer it sounds like ports
> ESP 50 and AH 51 are being blocked. I am sure @Home is blocking a port, even
> though they thoroughly deny it. I am sure there is a work around but I have
> no clue what it is. F.Y.I. my firewall is an IPSEC/IKE compliant firewall. 
> Also, my out-sourced firewall connection is supposedly IPSEC/IKE compliant.
> It was having issues connecting over @Home but they fixed the @Home issues.
> Can some one please help me? I really want to drop the people to whom we are
> out-sourcing our VPN. My only hurdle is making the thing work over @Home.

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