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Re: VPN and @Home

@Home is blocking a port! I get the same response from @home here. I'm thinking of the following solution:
I have a network at home (my ISP is @home, over the coaxial TV-cable with a cable-modem), so do two of my friends. One is living nearby (only 1 block away) the other lives at the other side of town. I cannot reach (ping, ftp, ssh, whatever) my friend A nearby. The other, friend B, however, I can reach and he can reach me and my friend A.
I could tell ipchains to route all network traffic from my own network destined to a subnet (A) to leave my network over the Inet-if to the B-network ( with a tunnel over a non-blocked port (?can I?). The gateway at network B then has to be tought that all traffic coming over the tunnel from me has to be relayed through another tunnel to A where it will be forwarded to that LAN.
Note: friend A and me use the same gateway, friend B uses another gateway. The gateways of @Home in my region have been programmed to NAT/relay all "sub-local" traffic to the Internet and vice-versa but to block all traffic that wants to go through the gateway back into the same "sub-local" network. Beside this problem, @Home told me that VPN is not supported, ie they blocked some ports (?). We do have real Internet-IP's I think: ping me at the IP you can find in this mail to make sure. (I would like to know if someone from the US or Down-Under can actually ping me...)
I think my humble idea might work but it sure as hell will be slooooowww. So: anyone knows a route2 solution or a faster tunnel-solution? Maybe something like firewall-piercing (whatever that may be, haven't read that HOWTO yet)?
greetz, Mythiq.
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Subject: VPN and @Home

Okay, this my first post to the group. I have set up a VPN server and can connect over a dial-up or LAN connection. My Nat pool and DNS are working. I have NO problems. However, whenever I make a connection over @Home I can only make the tunnel connection. No data is passed. I can’t even ping an internal IP address. According to my VPN manufacturer it sounds like ports ESP 50 and AH 51 are being blocked. I am sure @Home is blocking a port, even though they thoroughly deny it. I am sure there is a work around but I have no clue what it is. F.Y.I. my firewall is an IPSEC/IKE compliant firewall.


Also, my out-sourced firewall connection is supposedly IPSEC/IKE compliant. It was having issues connecting over @Home but they fixed the @Home issues. Can some one please help me? I really want to drop the people to whom we are out-sourcing our VPN. My only hurdle is making the thing work over @Home.

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