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Re: Prevent acces internet

At 05:00 PM 6/18/01 +0700, Abu H R wrote:
>I have a network with debian as proxy (using squid)
>i am using static IP, and one of the client keep acces the internet, is
anyone can tell me how to block an IP to acces internet

You will need to clarify a bit about what "acces internet" means.

If the host is connecting through the Squid server, you can use its access
controls (in /etc/squid.conf - the file is pretty well commented, but you
can supplement its info with the docs at www.squid-cache.org) to revent the
host in question from using the Squid proxy server.

If the host is bypassing Squid somehow to access the Internet directly ...
well, if you don't want the Debian firewall to route directly at all, thus
forcing every LAN client to use the proxy, the basic solution is to turn IP
forwarding off ("echo '0' >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward", for example). 

If your needs are more involved than this, you reall will have to tell us
more about them to get competent help.

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