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Re: Having two Internet connections

At 03:15 PM 6/18/01 +0200, Jean-Francois JOLY wrote:
>I wonder if it is possible to have two Internet connections running at the
>time on one box.

It is. But getting the details right isn't trivial.

>I have the first connection set up with a default route to a router to access 
>the Internet.
>I set up the second one with my old IP adress but with no route except for 
>my /29 subnet.

If I understand you right, then you only have one route to the Internet (the
first connection). The second isn't a route to "the Internet"; it is a route
to some a.b.c.d/29 network. Or ... if that second network is connected to
the Internet ... does *its* gateway router know that it has a route back to
your (I assume) Debian-based router?

>When I try to ping the box from the Internet, I can see the echo request but 
>not the echo reply.
>I thought the echo reply could come on one interface/connection and leave from 
>the other.

Do you mean the echo-request can go in on one interface but the echo-reply
come out on the other? The answer is that it can, but whether it will
depends a lot on the details of your routing and firewalling setup (and the
routing and firewalling setups of the networks the two connections go to). 

Based on your sketchy description, that's about all I can say for now,
without a good bit more detail on the actual routing and firewalling setups

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