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Re: Adding a 2nd NIC to create a DMZ

On Thu, 14 Jun 2001, Michael Boyd wrote:

> I'm unsure how I go about adding a 2nd NIC to a system that is up and
> running.  Can anyone give me any pointers?

well, I don't know if I understood what you are asking, but of course you
will have to shut down and power off your computer before adding the
second NIC, unless it is a hotplug device like USB. Then, the names of the
devices (e.g. which one is eth0 and which one is eth1) will depend on the
order in which the modules are loaded, if you compile the drivers as
kernel modules, so be sure that you add them to the /etc/modules file to
ensure they are loaded in a well defined, not random, order. If the two
NICS are driven by the same module, then the order in which they are
initialised, and hence the device names, will depend on the slots in which
they are inserted, therefore you will have to be careful not to change it
after you have carefully set up your firewalling rules...



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