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Re: turning off exim on port 25

Yes, Exim will still deliver from the queue (there's a cron job to run
every 30 minutes), and exim will still send outgoing email if needed. I
use exim on any of my machines that will not be receiving mail for a
domain. By eliminating the smtp line from inetd.conf, I don't show up
with an active port 25 to tempt spammers. Output of cron jobs and the
like will still be passed on to my smarthost.


Jim Breton wrote:
> On Wed, May 23, 2001 at 11:33:40PM -0700, Eric N. Valor wrote:
> >
> > That pretty much turns off exim altogether.
> Actually the script in /etc/init.d/ will start exim in stand-alone mode
> if you disable the listener in inetd.conf.  So you will still have it
> listening on 25/tcp.
> > While effective for disabling
> > the Port 25 listen, it doesn't allow Bryan to use exim for his purposes.  I
> > think he's also using it in daemon mode rather than being run from inetd.
> I'm not sure whether exim will still do deliveries from the queue if you
> disable the tcp listener (I don't use exim), but if it does, I'd suggest
> shutting it off altogether.  Just put an "exit 0" at the top of the
> script.
> (Again I'm not sure if exim will still work correctly after that, and I
> don't have a box handy with exim on it to test... so try it out.)
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