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Re: Re: turning off exim on port 25]

> From: Bryan Voss <bvoss@vosswerx.com>
> "Eric N. Valor" wrote:
> >
> > That pretty much turns off exim altogether.  While effective for
> > the Port 25 listen, it doesn't allow Bryan to use exim for his purposes.
> > think he's also using it in daemon mode rather than being run from
> Ok, somebody correct me if I'm wrong here, but don't programs generally
> just execute /usr/lib/sendmail if they need to send mail? There's no
> need to listen to port 25 if that's the case.

Yes, and in this case it seems that sendmail(8) is being more helpful than
exim.  It's a common configuration in workstation networks, and the Bat book
covers such configs (benefit over client using SMTP to mail server, is that
the message is queued immediately to hard disk).

Just remove the '-d' where the daemon gets started, and have it purely
processing outgoing mail, if you use POP/IMAP for incoming.  ETRN is
supported as well, so you could collect mail, by putting sendmail into one
of the ppp start scripts.


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