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[Fwd: Re: turning off exim on port 25]

Oops. This should've gone to the list.

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From: Bryan Voss <bvoss@vosswerx.com>
Subject: Re: turning off exim on port 25
To: "Eric N. Valor" <eric.valor@lutris.com>

"Eric N. Valor" wrote:
> That pretty much turns off exim altogether.  While effective for disabling
> the Port 25 listen, it doesn't allow Bryan to use exim for his purposes.  I
> think he's also using it in daemon mode rather than being run from inetd.

Ok, somebody correct me if I'm wrong here, but don't programs generally
just execute /usr/lib/sendmail if they need to send mail? There's no
need to listen to port 25 if that's the case.

Bryan Voss
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