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Re: name server on firewall box?

:-> "Christian" == Christian Volk <debian@volkedv.de> writes:

    > I want to run the minium of services on my router/firewall. In
    > the current  
    > setup the DNS server is on another box. It resolves the local names and 
    > forwards other requests to the ISP's name servers.

    > With the new ISP it seems I don't have any choice but to move
    > the name server  
    > to the router/firewall machine to set the IPs after dial-up.

    > Is this advisable or should I find a method to communicate the
    > name server  
    > IPs from the router/firewall on the other box?

just run a full DNS on whatever machine you want, without using the
provider's one. You will directly poll the master nameservers, it will
be a little slower (not noticeable, unless you query a lot of
different addresses per second), but your local dns will grow an
internal cache, so after a while the most requested addresses will be
already there.... 



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