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Newbie Questions Part 2

Thanks to everyone who answered my first questions.  Now for the next

I think I will stick with my first idea of using ipmasq and ipchains,
maybe using diald as well.  I will leave spf/iptables for a future

Although my debian box works at the moment and has ipmasq etc installed
I am planning to rebuild it with just as many packages and modules as I
need.  The next question is, what do I need?  The O'Reilly book Learning
Debian GNU/Linux suggests the following modules:-

binfmt_aout (don't know what this is)
smbfs (is this server message block fs?)
vfat (don't think I need this)

lp (line print so I don't need it? Doesn't install anyway)
serial (guess I need this)

bsd_comp (don't know what this is)
dummy (guess I need this)
ppp (default, but needed anyway)

I also need the driver for my 3Com ethernet card.

Can you let me know which of the above I need, which I don't and if I
need any others?

Then, which packages do I need?  I have installed ipmasq, diald and a
whole raft of other packages for which the default is to install.  Can I
dispense with any?  If this is going over old ground and the answer is
buried in the archive somewhere feel free to point me in the direction
of the URL.

While I am on the subject of packages does anyone have any advice about
setting up exim (or point me in the direction of any advice on the
net)?.  I am not even entirely sure I know what exim does.

My debian box currently has a 500MB HD but I have a 100MB HD kicking
around at home.  Will a functional FW set-up fit into 100MB?



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