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Re: Newbie Questions Part 2

Hey ! that's not all you need. You need much more than I can list here, but
a shell and a hardrive module and say a console seem important...

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Sent: Thursday, November 09, 2000 2:34 PM
Subject: Newbie Questions Part 2

> Thanks to everyone who answered my first questions.  Now for the next
> few.
> I think I will stick with my first idea of using ipmasq and ipchains,
> maybe using diald as well.  I will leave spf/iptables for a future
> project.
> Although my debian box works at the moment and has ipmasq etc installed
> I am planning to rebuild it with just as many packages and modules as I
> need.  The next question is, what do I need?  The O'Reilly book Learning
> Debian GNU/Linux suggests the following modules:-
> fs
> --
> binfmt_aout (don't know what this is)
> smbfs (is this server message block fs?)
> vfat (don't think I need this)
> misc
> ----
> lp (line print so I don't need it? Doesn't install anyway)
> serial (guess I need this)
> net
> ---
> bsd_comp (don't know what this is)
> dummy (guess I need this)
> ppp (default, but needed anyway)
> I also need the driver for my 3Com ethernet card.
> Can you let me know which of the above I need, which I don't and if I
> need any others?
> Then, which packages do I need?  I have installed ipmasq, diald and a
> whole raft of other packages for which the default is to install.  Can I
> dispense with any?  If this is going over old ground and the answer is
> buried in the archive somewhere feel free to point me in the direction
> of the URL.
> While I am on the subject of packages does anyone have any advice about
> setting up exim (or point me in the direction of any advice on the
> net)?.  I am not even entirely sure I know what exim does.
> My debian box currently has a 500MB HD but I have a 100MB HD kicking
> around at home.  Will a functional FW set-up fit into 100MB?
> Mike
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