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Re: Newbie Questions Part 2

On Thu, Nov 09, 2000 at 01:34:32PM +0000, Michael Boyd wrote:
> Thanks to everyone who answered my first questions.  Now for the next
> few.
> [kernel related things snipped]
> Can you let me know which of the above I need, which I don't and if I
> need any others?
I guess you've had nice answers regarding the kernel already.
> Then, which packages do I need?  I have installed ipmasq, diald and a
> whole raft of other packages for which the default is to install.  Can I
> dispense with any?  If this is going over old ground and the answer is
> buried in the archive somewhere feel free to point me in the direction
> of the URL.
Regarding the packages, I have myself about 180 packages installed on
my firewall (and I could probably have less, if I took the time :)).

What I suggest is that you take a look at the number of packages
installed (dpgk --get-selections gives you the list of installed ones).
If you have a LOT more, you might want to reinstall. Install only
the base ones, then add whatever you may want (I added for instance,
tripwire, satan for security, sshd2, ping, traceroute for maintenance,
uptimed for fun, etc)

I also have a few others that should not be on a firewall, so I would
think you can go down to 100-150.

100 Megs might be tight but enough. I use about 150Megs...

Good luck.

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