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On Tue, Feb 15, 2000 at 07:13:15PM +0100, Christian Hammers wrote:
>       Internet <- ----
>       					       ---- 192.168.100.x@rest

Won't do.

> ...
> If you use ftp from outside then you just have to do portmapping, i.e.
> say: Router: all connections on port 21 are for

No problem so far.

> No need for any more real IP addressses. Note, that you probably have to
> use the masq_ftp.o module (or something that way) because ftp is a bit 
> tricky since it has commands on port 21 and data on port 20.

Something that way is the problem. Active ftp work's fine since the data
channel is create from the server and thus gets masqueraded at the router.
But passive ftp simply does not work. For passive ftp to work the router
would have to dynamically add a portforwarding rule everytime it sees a PORT

Maybe there is some software out there to do this, but I have yet to find

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