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Hello list

> INTERNET --- Debian Router --- FTP-Server

I would solve it this way:

      Internet <- ----
      					       ---- 192.168.100.x@rest

Then everything from the internal network goes to the default gateway
"router". The router then sends it with it's own IP to the internet.
Returning packages going to the router who translate it according to the
remembered Port numbers back to it's connection with one of the internal
If you use ftp from outside then you just have to do portmapping, i.e.
say: Router: all connections on port 21 are for
No need for any more real IP addressses. Note, that you probably have to
use the masq_ftp.o module (or something that way) because ftp is a bit 
tricky since it has commands on port 21 and data on port 20.

> Michael


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