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> > No need for any more real IP addressses. Note, that you probably have to
> > use the masq_ftp.o module (or something that way) because ftp is a bit 
> But passive ftp simply does not work. For passive ftp to work the router
Oh, quoting from /usr/src/linux/net/ipv4/ip_masq_ftp.c:
 * Look at incoming ftp packets to catch the response to a PASV command.
 * When we see one we build a masquerading entry for the client address,
 * client port 0 (unknown at the moment), the server address and the server port.
 * Mark the current masquerade entry as a control channel and point the new
 * entry at the control entry.  All this work just for ftp keepalive across
 * masquerading.

so it should work....   


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