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Re: Firewall

Paulo Henrique Baptista de Oliveira wrote:
>        Hi Debian users,
>         I have a lab with about 10 machines and 1/4 of a IP C class to use.
>         I want to do a firewall for my lab.
>         Today I have the following structure:
>   .65               .99
>  ----------      ------------      ---------
>  | router | ---- | Firewall | ---- | hub 1 |
>  ----------   |  ------------   |  ---------
>               |                 |
>               |                 ------------
>               |                    | hub 2 |
>               |                    ---------
>               |
>             ---------
>     64/97   | hub 3 |
>             ---------
>         Our netmask is May I change it to

I'm not quite sure if I understand.  You want to split the /22 network
into two /21 networks, one for the DMZ (demiliterized zone, router -
firewall) and one /21 network for the secured zone. In that case you 
will have to set up two networks.

>         What will be the routes?

The router and the firewall know that /21-0 (first splitted network)
is hooked at eth0 and that /21-1 is routed to the firewall, who knows
that /21-1 is eth1 for it.  The clients at hub1 and hub2 will need
to have the proper netmask (.224) and the firewall's address
as default gateway.

>         How to do to login into the firewall, or better, how to uplink the
> two hubs?

I'm sorry, but I don't understand.  Hooking two hubs to one box may
be done in three ways:

 1st use the uplink port for the hub and stack them (i.e. fw-hub1-hub2)

 2nd use two network cards at the firewall and divide the network

 3rd use a switch/hub between the firewall and the client hubs.

>         What I want is to make a firewall for my lab and still access the
> other IP range.

Err, sure, a firewall is also a router, it just doesn't route everything
but only the parts you have configured.



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