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Re: Firewall

> >         Our netmask is May I change it to
> I'm not quite sure if I understand.  You want to split the /22 network
> into two /21 networks, one for the DMZ (demiliterized zone, router -
> firewall) and one /21 network for the secured zone. In that case you 
> will have to set up two networks.

ok. From the map above and the description he gave it seems like your
slash notation is off by a few numbers.
he said he had 1/4 of a class C so it is a or a /26
he want's to break that up into a /27 and two /28's
so respectively and
that will drop his total number of ip's but it will segment the network as
he desires.

so all the rest of the description after that should change based on
different / notation and netmasks.

forgive me if I'm coming in late on the discussion and I missed something.


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