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Re: system requirements

	I have installed a linux router and firewell on the follow
	16Mb Ram
	120Mb HDD
	2x Ne2000 Network adapter

The server also act as DNS server.
The server work ok for 1 year. I don't have any problem with this server.

On Fri, 5 Nov 1999, D'jinnie wrote:

> [please Cc: me with your replies]
> Well, I've finally convinced my boss to take Linux seriously and get a
> firewall (since the University I attend and work for, that shall remain
> nameless, does not have one). She asked me a question that rather floored
> me - if we get an older PC to just be a dedicated firewall machine, what
> are the min. system requirements for it not to slow anything down? I
> wasn't sure how to answer that, although I think pretty much anything
> above a 486 with an acceptable amount of RAM will do...this will be for a
> department, several NT servers, 2 Solaris boxes, other assorted stuff. Any
> help, pointers, URLs, etc would be appreciated!
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