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Re: neighbor table overflow?

Its starts when it boots up and trys to start programs like sendmail, and
never stops.  The first time the card is used it starts doing it.

|On 990902 20:34
|^chewie (chewie@wookimus.net) wrote the following...
|On Thu, 2 Sep 1999, Phill Kenoyer wrote:
|> I'm trying to setup a gateway using IP Masq. on Debian.  I have the same
|> setup running with Slackware, but when I try to do it in Debian I get a
|> error:
|>   neighbor table overflow
|Do you use programs that send out a lot of pings at once, such as the
|quake server finder (xqf)?  Programs like that will fill up your
|masquerade table very quickly.  Try shortening the masquerade
|timeouts.  The IP-Chains-HOWTO.html is at
|http://www.rustycorp.com/linux/ipchains or something like that.
|This is assuming that your masquerading works to begin with.  If you
|have no table entries and haven't really started anything, I wouldn't
|know where to begin guessing.
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