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Re: Firewall On Slink

yeah, "dpkg -l" for all installed, "apt-get update; apt-get upgrade"
and you won't *have* any out of date packages, so why worry about
listing them; as for listing all not-installed packages:

% zegrep -c '^Package: ' unstable/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz

That is simply unmanageable as a set of individual itmes!  Being able
to grep through descriptions and find new things, or just use profiles
for base configurations and then explore and find other packages as
you find you need them ends up being a lot more practical...

>  Download AptFind (command apt-find) from Freshmeat.net

Or just install it, from unstable:
Package: apt-find
Version: 0.6.0p1-1
Description: ncurses-based user interface to APT.
  A graphical/logical representation of the packages
  is presented to the user for easy installation and
  deinstallation of packages.

(I haven't tried it yet...)

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