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Re: what's happening here?

> A good starting point would be to sum up the status of the field.
> Is there a FAQ for firewalls/vpn on linux?

There are HOWTO's for both, though the HOWTO for VPN's is a specific
solution that the guy who wrote it came up with.  He has done
more work on that since then and there is a debian package in the
experimental section but it doesn't work straight out of the box.  I
was able to get it to work with some effort on my part and it works
great now.  But it's only a specific solution for linux to linux.

> What litteratur can be found?

There is a ton of literature on firewalls and vpn's in general, as
for on linux there is less.  The new kernel featues for firewalls 
seem to be documented well from what I have seen.

> What commersial vendors are offereing linux based firewall solutions?

I have seen about 2 so far...one is mentioned in the ipchains howto so
I'd assume it's up to speed with the new kernel.  The other I saw
uses the 2.0.x kernel so it's not up to speed as yet.  I will tracke
down the names and url's and put them up on the site.

> What security problems are found in real life?

In what way?  As in what features must we have versus those we'd like
to have?  Basically trying to come up with a plan of action like they
have for apt...stage 1 would be goal a...stage 2 would be goal b.???  

If that's what you mean this shouldn't be hard to pound out...I could 
probably have something in the next day or so.  If you mean a list
of all the possible threats..that can be a lot...unless you generalize
it.  One thing that is nice is that the kernel has alot of the main
issues hammered out already.

> Are there any related lists/newsgroups?

Most likely yes.  I have no clue about newsgroups as I don't do newsgroups
personally.  I spend enough time keeping up on mail and everything else. :)

There are several firewall/security related mailing lists out there.  There
is the firewalls at greatcircle (not sure off hand the exact name or
url..but I'll get it and put it on the site).  That's where alot of the
firewall guru's exchange info on.

> What are the usual solutions?

Usual solutions for firewalls?  Well, for most companies they go with
products like Checkpoint Firewall 1.  (has the market share I believe)
For those who use linux...it's been using ipfwadm to manually control
the firewall rules on their system.  Debian has it setup now so you can
install ipmasq and do automatic ip masquerading and firewalling.  The
basic rules are exactly that..basic...not much to it and you still have
to manually hack files or run the commands in order to do anything of

I hope this answered your q's.  I would be nice to get a team
of debian developers (tho the project is more linux general) to work
on this.  Over the next few weeks I will be able to free more of my
time up and will be focusing on this more and more.  (even though
it's going to mean that I learn to program properly... :))


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