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what's happening here?


     I'm not sure who all is on this list but I have noticed
that it's been pretty dead for a while so I figured I'd spam
it and see if I can drum up some interest.

I've seen a few different firewall/vpn projects around and
each is going in it's own direction.  There truely isn't 
much going on tho...I've started a couple different projects and
I'm hoping to get some other's interested in them to help out
as I am not much of a programmer and could use some help.

One project is a firewall package and the other a vpn package.
My goal is to use the current linux kernel code (2.2.x) and build
a set of utilities to front end it.  These utilities would
include the following: 

For the firewall package:

- A GUI for managing the firewall. This would need to be both X based and shell based. (ncurses???) 
- Some sort of method for storing rules/configuration and manipulating this information for use in reports, stats, etc... (maybe a database) 
- Needs to be easy to backup and restore (the new ipchains features covers alot of this already) 
- Needs to be able to be run on multiple platforms. (Maybe java based) 
- A web based management piece would be nice as well. 
- Maybe add in the ability to manage the routing table and other things such as basic networking on the machine. 
- Needs to be easy to upgrade and or patch for future releases 
- Needs to be easily migrated between different Linux distributions. 

For the VPN package:

- A common GUI interface for managing the whole thing. 
- A method to manage it from a shell prompt 
- The ability to do linux -> linux VPN (these exist already..just funky) 
- The ability to allow for remote connections via Windows and other platforms 
- IPSec compliancy...I have no clue if this is possible yet? 
- Web Based management would be nice 
- Easy upgrades/management 

The goal is to come up with a solution that is thorough and stable/secure 
(just like the Debian distro in general) and is also competitive with
commercial systems.  (that shouldn't be hard actually)  I work for a major
bank and would love to be able to go to them with a solution like this.
I have been checking out the available solutions out there and most of them
only touch bits of what is available.  

If your interested you can find more information on these projects (though
I don't have much up yet) at http://www.tdyc.com/~rkrusty/articles

I want to focus on the Debian distro since I think it's the best one to
have this type of system running on it.  Plus it will make for ease of upgrades
and updates.  Feel free to contact me, yell at me, or whatever.  If there
is already a project like this in progress...please let me know so I can
see if I can help out with it. :)


Ivan E. Moore II                                      Rev. Krusty
http://www.tdyc.com				 rkrusty@tdyc.com
 Imagination is more important than knowledge  - Albert Einstien
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