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Re: what's happening here?

Well, it was so dead I forgot I'm subscribing on it.
A lot more action is found in linux-router@linuxrouter.org, though the
emphasis is more on the router part.

A good starting point would be to sum up the status of the field.
Is there a FAQ for firewalls/vpn on linux?
What litteratur can be found?
What commersial vendors are offereing linux based firewall solutions?
What security problems are found in real life?
Are there any related lists/newsgroups?
What are the usual solutions?

I'll check out your URL.

See ya,

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On Wed, 10 Feb 1999, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:

> Hello,
>      I'm not sure who all is on this list but I have noticed
> that it's been pretty dead for a while so I figured I'd spam
> it and see if I can drum up some interest.
> I've seen a few different firewall/vpn projects around and
> each is going in it's own direction.  There truely isn't 
> much going on tho...I've started a couple different projects and
> I'm hoping to get some other's interested in them to help out
> as I am not much of a programmer and could use some help.
> One project is a firewall package and the other a vpn package.
> My goal is to use the current linux kernel code (2.2.x) and build
> a set of utilities to front end it.  These utilities would
> include the following: 
> For the firewall package:
> - A GUI for managing the firewall. This would need to be both X based and shell based. (ncurses???) 
> - Some sort of method for storing rules/configuration and manipulating this information for use in reports, stats, etc... (maybe a database) 
> - Needs to be easy to backup and restore (the new ipchains features covers alot of this already) 
> - Needs to be able to be run on multiple platforms. (Maybe java based) 
> - A web based management piece would be nice as well. 
> - Maybe add in the ability to manage the routing table and other things such as basic networking on the machine. 
> - Needs to be easy to upgrade and or patch for future releases 
> - Needs to be easily migrated between different Linux distributions. 
> For the VPN package:
> - A common GUI interface for managing the whole thing. 
> - A method to manage it from a shell prompt 
> - The ability to do linux -> linux VPN (these exist already..just funky) 
> - The ability to allow for remote connections via Windows and other platforms 
> - IPSec compliancy...I have no clue if this is possible yet? 
> - Web Based management would be nice 
> - Easy upgrades/management 
> The goal is to come up with a solution that is thorough and stable/secure 
> (just like the Debian distro in general) and is also competitive with
> commercial systems.  (that shouldn't be hard actually)  I work for a major
> bank and would love to be able to go to them with a solution like this.
> I have been checking out the available solutions out there and most of them
> only touch bits of what is available.  
> If your interested you can find more information on these projects (though
> I don't have much up yet) at http://www.tdyc.com/~rkrusty/articles
> I want to focus on the Debian distro since I think it's the best one to
> have this type of system running on it.  Plus it will make for ease of upgrades
> and updates.  Feel free to contact me, yell at me, or whatever.  If there
> is already a project like this in progress...please let me know so I can
> see if I can help out with it. :)
> Ivan
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