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Hacker's best friends


I'd like to screen a foreign network for possible security problems.
(The admin knows. :-) Can anyone recommend books, tools, sources
or other things that help me? In particular I'd like to know how

	- screen ports
	- given a certain port number, find out what service it
	  is running (besides consulting /etc/services, of course :-)
	- given a certain service,  find out about possible
	  security holes of that service, at least by citing
	  a CERT document or something similar
	- ideally try WinNuke, Teardrop, 64k-Ping or other well
	  known security holes

Btw, there's a german CD called "hacker's best friends". Does anyone
know, if it's worth the money?



Jochen Wiedmann					joe@ispsoft.de
Yast: Windows for the tty ...			07123 14887

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