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The Freefire Bulletin #2 (1998-06-05)

  The Freefire Bulletin #2 (1998-06-05) Monthly Newsletter

The Freefire Project tries to help Developers in building Firewall and
IT-Security Solutions based on Free Tools. You can find additional 
information about the Project at the Homepage


0  Executive Info (Ec)
1 Changes to the Web Pages (Ec)
  A new outfit and new content on the Freefire Web Pages

2 The DBD::pNET Perl Database Proxy (JW)
  is a proxy server for Perl DBI Databases with access control

3 FCT - Firewall Configuration Tool (JHF)
  generates executable scripts to setup a screening router

4 OpenBSD - A free and secure OS (Ec)
  OpenBSD emphasis on correctness, security and cryptography

5 Call for Authors
  If you want to participate in this bulletin, just drop me a note

1  Changes to the Web Pages (Ec)
The Web Pages of the Freefire Project has changes a bit. Now all the Pages
are available in english (only the main-page is available in german, too).
The lists of resources and tools will be stored in a database, since
maintaining and checking the links tends to be hard work. Search and Rating
will be added.
You can find the pages at: <URL:http://www.inka.de/sites/lina/freefire-l/>
(sorry about the typo in some of the last bulletins)

2  The DBD::pNET Perl Database Proxy (JW)
is a proxy server for Perl based applications that want to access
a database engine behind a firewall or an engine without network
support. On the client side the module acts as a usual Perl DBI
driver, on the server side it uses the same DBI for accessing the

The driver offers a host and user based authorization scheme and
strong query restrictions: You can define a set of queries and
restrict the outside user (typically a WWW server) to those. The
package is available from any CPAN mirror, for example


3  FCT - Firewall Configuration Tool (JHF)
generates executable scripts to setup a firewall for nearly all possible
configurations (single host, routing host, screened subnet, ...).
It actually supports the syntax for ipfwadm, ipchains and IPFilter. It offers
a HTML-CGI interface for configuration in any Browser. Also, it can fully be
administrered in a shell.


4  OpenBSD - A free and secure OS (Ec)
OpenBSD 2.3 is about to ship. It is one of the free BSD operating systems.
The OpenBSD Project is very successfull in keeping an eye on security. Quite
a few Bugs in OpenBSDs version of programs have been fixed before they
got announced in public.

>From IPFilter, securelevel, kerberos, MD5 passwords to tcpd and modified
(secured) versions of standard daemons (Bind) you get an operating sys-
tem which is constantly audited since 1996.


5  Call for Authors (Ec)
Since this Bulletin is trying to be a monthly resource of good information
the Project is always seeking for authors. Please drop me a mail if you
want to write about something dealing with IT Security and free information
or solutions.

Authors of the current issue
  Ec  - Bernd 'eckes' Eckenfels    <ecki@lina.inka.de>
  JW  - Jochen Wiedmann            <joe@ispsoft.de>
  JHF - Jens Hellmerichs-Friedrich <ft114@fen.baynet.de>

(c) Copyright 1998 Bernd Eckenfels and others
Bernd Eckenfels <ecki@lina.inka.de>, GERMANY

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