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Re: Start up scripts

On %M %N, Meskes, Michael wrote
> But in passive FTP you don't have a FTP-DATA connection, do you? I think
> we were talking about the possibility to get rid of the module by
> allowing passive mode only.

You do have 2 Connections. 

The only difference in Passive FTP is, that the Client is telling the Server
that he is opening the DATA connection itself. Instead of giving a PORT
Statement where the client expects the DATA Connection _from_ the Server its
requesting the Server VIA PASV Command to tell a PORT, and then the Client
connects _to_ this Server Port.

The Advantage of this is, that the Connection can be handeled like any other
Connection from the inside to the outside.

If you want a protocol which uses only one Connection, then (chunked)
HTTP1.1 is the much better solution.

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