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Re: Which directorys should be read only vs. writable.


> > > > Which directorys could be set up read only and which have to be writable?

/usr is Read-Only, and /var is RW. /usr/spool and /usr/tmp are obsolete on
Debian Systems and are relaced by /var/spool and /var/tmp.

> The root directory.  It needs to be writable since /dev must be
> writable.  /dev cannot be on a separate partition since files from
> /dev are required when booting the system.

Running MAKEDEV on boot-up is not required on a stripped-down Firewall host.
Therefore the only Modifications in /dev at runtime are "chown" of the TTYs
and A-Time for all accessed devices. A-Time will not be done on read-only
media, and the cown for TTYs is not needed on a system where u dont have
interactiv Users logged in.

Another Option is to have a minimized /dev for booting and overwrite it with
a Ramdisk or a Loopback Filesystem which suppors all Devices which are
needed after the boot is finished.

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