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Re: Just noise: Leaving

I have the impression not only that the list is not giving information but
that it is misleading to people not knowing about firewalls. And the
packages needed to build a debian firewall are already in place. I have
severe doubts about the direction this thing is going and I have been
using Debian for firewalls from the beginning. Some packages related to
firewalling in Debian have been released by me.

On Sat, 7 Mar 1998, Hubert Weikert wrote:

> Christoph,
> what did you exactly expect from a one week old list?
> If you expect perfect sollutions after this short time, I would thing that
> you expect the wrong thing. The goal of the list is to find a way how to
> build a Debian based Firewall. We don't know the result, we don't know if
> there even will be one.

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