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Re: Just noise: Leaving


what did you exactly expect from a one week old list?
If you expect perfect sollutions after this short time, I would thing that
you expect the wrong thing. The goal of the list is to find a way how to
build a Debian based Firewall. We don't know the result, we don't know if
there even will be one.

IMHO it is wrong to expect from this list a quallity and level as seen on
lists like fw-wizards. Every project starts with a phase of brainstorming,
to isolate some of the areas to start with them.

I work with Internet firewalls since 1994, and with networks in very
security sensitive areas since 1986. A Campus-Network as run by you is
open compared to these networks. I am responsible for the security of the
systems and concepts designed by me.

I don't say (like you) that this list is not usable for me. I have the
oportunity to bring in my expierience with the drawbacks of comerciall
firewalls and my expert knowledge in some security related areas to build
a better (and cheaper ;-) Debian based firewall.


On Fri, 6 Mar 1998, Christoph Lameter wrote:
> I am sorry but I have the feeling that there is mostly wild ideas
> discussed on the list that have no bearing on my daily responsibility as
> one who has to insure security on a Campus. So far I have not seen a
> single message that gave me good ideas. The stuff that is far out is
> just clogging the list. I have run a huge Campus since 3 years with a very
> security conscious management.
> I will have a look in again in a few months and maybe things have some
> resemblance to reality then.

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